Interactive learning technologies like CD-ROM are gaining increased acceptance within the training field. According to the Multimedia Monitor Newsletter, interactive technology can offer several benefits over traditional training methods:

1. Reduced learning time by an average of 5%. This time reduction is attributed to:

  • Self-paced instruction that encourages students to take the most efficient path to content mastery.
  • A combination of visual presentation, with audio explanation, which delivers information in an easily understood format.
  • Immediate, interaction and feedback. which provides constant, highly effective reinforcement of concepts and content.
  • Personalized instruction that accommodates different learning styles to maximize student learning efficiency.

2. Reduced cost. The primary costs of interactive instruction lie in design and production, not replication, distribution, and delivery. Thus, the cost per student is reduced as more students use the same program.

3. Instructional consistency. Technology based instructional systems do not have bad days or tire at the end of a long day. Instruction is delivered in a consistently reliable fashion that does not vary from training class to training class.

4. Privacy. With one-on-one systems, associates are free to ask questions and explore areas that might cause embarrassment in-group situations.

5. Mastery of learning. Unlike a normal classroom situation, an interactive system will not move on to new material until the current material is mastered. This ensures associates have strong foundations for continued learning.

6. Increased retention. The process of interaction with material being studied provides a strong learning reinforcement that significantly increases content retention over time.

7. Learners enjoy interactive learning. Interactive system allow learners to take greater controls and hence responsibility, for their own learning process.

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