Consultative Selling System

This system introduces a process for creating, monitoring or rejuvenating a selling program. It has been proven to maximize a firm’s sales penetration of their respective markets. The CONSULTATIVE SELLING SYSTEM has been used successfully by organizations from coast to coast whose primary goals are growth and profitability.

The CONSULTATIVE SELLING SYSTEM program is the result of more than twenty years of in-the-field coaching and is part of LaReau Associates ongoing philosophy to improve the level of professionalism within each organization we serve.

It is designed to provide a unique learning curriculum through information absorption and a strengthening of the representative’s commitment to personal and occupational improvement. We believe learning is a function of both an individual and team effort and ensure that this environment is part of the presentation process.

The CONSULTATIVE SELLING SYSTEM generates a learning experience on two levels:

  • First: The conceptual and technical level where, data, techniques and source materials will be examined.
  • Second: The interpersonal and humanistic level where new attitudes and perspectives that focus on improving personal performance will be presented.

The program has THREE phases:

    This phase deals with the preparation process. Namely, effective prospecting and management of a sales territory. The use of contact management software and the function of the telephone and broadcast E-mail as needed prospecting tools.
    An easy to use step by step process that takes the sales representative from the initial face-to-face, “who are you?” contact, to identifying prospect needs. Included is a prospect/representative involvement exercise and closing the sale techniques.
    This section details how to maintain and build a solid relationship with a “hot prospect” or a new customer. Involvement exercises include a number of successful follow-up models.

The system offers the participants a user-friendly; proven selling system that guarantees to upgrade individual selling skills. The CONSULTATIVE SELLING SYSTEM will serve to educate the new representative and improve the talents of the sales veteran. It is a cost-effective method to meet the needs of your firm’s sales objective.

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