Dynamic Learning

Interactive Multimedia & Internet Learning – Internal for Employees – External for Prospects & Clients

7 Ways Multimedia Can Accelerate Learning


To create a consistent learning and informational resource, using interactive multi-media technology and measurement whereby customers understand the firm’s products and services while employees assimilate the values, dynamics, spirit and culture of the organization.


Apply the concepts of instructional systems design, namely; analysis, design, development, and implementation. Provide a compatible mix of tools that define the most appropriate learning experience coupled with learning models designed for computer based learning or integrated into the internet.


Internal Communications Intended for Employees

  • Performance Based Training
  • Employee Orientation & Benefits

Instructional Programs

  • Training Asset Conversions
  • Seminars & Soft Skill Training
  • Measurement Tools

External, Intended for Prospect and Client

  • Marketing & Sales Presentations
  • Product Catalogues
  • Edutainment
  • Web Site/E-Commerce Development


Internally, ensure consistent, and comprehensive employee skill development. Enhance employee performance by the effective sharing of procedural, and process information that will create cost efficiencies. Maintain the philosophy and culture of the organization while providing a new level of confidence and responsive decision-making.

Externally, continuous informative communication to the client base with a reciprocal process allowing the client to provide real time complaint and need recommendations.


An interactive CD-ROM program which improved the performance of route delivery personnel and educated the prospect on products features and benefits.

Their Internet product catalogue allowed this facility to expand well beyond its geographic market and sell its eclectic merchandise into all corners of the globe.

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